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Representation in court

Our team combines professional lawyers whose goal is to protect the interests of the principal in court.

Representation in court
The outcome of any legal proceeding will be successful with the direct participation of professional lawyers. Each disagreement should be resolved only within the framework of the legislation, so the help of specialists will never be redundant. In some cases, it is mandatory.

The process of legal representation
The work of a lawyer or attorney at a court session is not limited to mere presence. This fact is preceded by the often-long process of interaction with the client in order to solve his question or problem.

After getting acquainted with the details of the client's application, the profile lawyer conducts a legal analysis of the situation. At this stage, a decision is made on further actions.

Based on practice, judicial representation is preceded by a claim procedure, which also can and should be considered as an independent stage of the whole process. If the complaint procedure does not produce results, the issue will be decided in a judicial procedure. The main stages of the procedure of representation in court:
- preparation for trial - preparation of a legal position for building a line of defense, selection of an evidence base, preparation of necessary documents;
- filing a lawsuit or drawing up reviews of lawsuits - if the client is a defendant;
- legal representation - participation at all stages of the proceedings;
- obtaining a court decision;
- Enforcement of the decision taken by the court - work in the territorial bodies of service, both private and public, for the implementation of court decisions;
- interaction with the plaintiff/defendant in the process of execution of the court decision.

The list is compiled in general terms, since the solution to a specific problem may consist of additional stages, in each of which a specialized lawyer must participate.

Legal representation services
Specialists of “LEXLAB” Law firm offers representation in the courts of all instances and industry specific. Legal industry - does not matter. The company employs professional lawyers of all relevant fields: intellectual and arbitration practice, administrative and tax practice, criminal procedure, marriage and family proceedings, housing and inheritance cases. In this case, each case is always brought to a logical conclusion.

“LEXLAB” Law firm does not guarantee a 100% positive outcome for solving a problem - this is a violation of lawyer ethics but guarantees the effective work of lawyers to achieve results for each client.

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