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Protection from misappropriation of property

Qualitative and timely protection of assets (real estate and movable property, cash) and business (corporate rights) from misappropriation of property is an important part in the process of preventing unlegal activities or returning assets to the rightful owner.

“LEXLAB” Law firm provides qualitative and qualified legal assistance in protection from misappropriation of property or business entities.
The recent reform of the state registration system in Ukraine, which was aimed at curbing corruption, raises the problem of illegal attacks on property in our country. In connection with this, the number of cases of fraud with real estate and corporate rights increased using counterfeit documents judicial decisions.
The illegal attacks on property is most often carried out with the participation of the state registrar by amending the relevant state registers.
Among the precautionary measures, in order to protect assets (property) from illegal alienation to raiders, one can distinguish the following:
- establishment of services for monitoring of immovable property in the State Register of Real Property Rights and their encumbrances "SMS-Mayak";
- Periodic monitoring of information about business in the Unified State Register;
- developing the procedure for asset owners in case of raider capture;
- imposition of encumbrance on valuable property through its transfer to a mortgage.

Also, “LEXLAB” Law firm can help legal owners in dealing with the consequences of an illegal attacks on their property:
- by applying for a criminal offense to the National Police and further representation of the interests of the victim in a criminal proceeding;
- by imposing an arrest (a prohibition on the commission of any acts) on property through a court order;
- by appealing to the court with the relevant lawsuits;
- in an extrajudicial manner by appealing to the Commission in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

The team of “LEXLAB” Law firm provides qualified legal support of protecting property or business from stealing in the shortest possible time and will help to ensure effective counteraction and protect your assets (property).

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