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Intellectual property

The owner or user of the property and personal non-proprietary rights to intellectual property (copyright and related rights) may be any legal entity or person.

The team of “LEXLAB” Law firm provides a full range of services for qualified assistance in acquiring (registration) and protecting intellectual property rights.
Proprietary rights of intellectual property include: the right to use; the exclusive right to allow the use and the exclusive right to prohibit unlawful use. Intellectual property rights are an asset that can be purchased or sold, exchanged or donated, contributed to the authorized capital and have a term of validity.
Personal non-proprietary rights of intellectual property belong exclusively to the author and operate indefinitely.
The main difference between intellectual property rights and other forms of ownership is the intangibility. Such a distinction of intellectual property law provides for the legislative regulation of relations related to the use, creation and protection of intellectual property.
The term intellectual property is the temporary exclusive right enshrined in the law, as well as the personal non-proprietary rights of authors to the result of intellectual activity or means of individualization. Legislation defining the rights to intellectual property establishes a monopoly of authors on certain forms of using the results of their intellectual, creative activity, which can be used by other persons only with the permission of the first.
An important issue for the owners of intellectual property rights is its protection through registration of a trademark, registration of copyright, patent, industrial design, etc.
The registration and protection of intellectual property rights involves the preparation of a package of documents envisaged by the current legislation and representing the interests of the client in the relevant bodies or courts.
“LEXLAB” Law firm will provide you with the proper quality of services for registration and protection of your intellectual property rights.

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