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Family law

Our team will advise you and your family in all disputes arising and misunderstandings in the family, including issues related to the distribution, division of marital property, establishing a procedure for participating in raising a child and paying child support, as well as drafting a marriage contract in the interests of both spouses avoid negative consequences in the event of a conflict in the family.

Modern society could not exist without an orderly structure, which properly ensures the strength and at the same time the flexibility of this system.

The family allows to combine the inconsistency of human individuality and public interests. Only within a normal full-fledged family and with its help a person enters a complex circle of social relations, becomes a citizen.

Most family law cases have unique features. At the same time, all cases are united by one strategic vector. The priority task of the pre-trial settlement is to agree on and make decisions regarding the critical moments of the conflict. This will make it possible to reduce the costs of both parties and significantly speed up the process.

Unfortunately, the majority of disputes arise on the division of property and it is in the interests of each of the parties not to bring the situation to trial. The priority task of a professional lawyer is to properly convey this simple truth to his client and his opponent, who are often elementarily unable to objectively assess the situation under the influence of emotions.

What is the job of a good family lawyer?

Definitely, like any lawyer, not on a case-by-case basis, but on a permanent basis. Such a person knows the family history, almost immediately delves into the business and advises to take the most rational steps, based on past experience and previously won cases. The well-being of the client, a warning against ill-considered actions and hasty decisions - all these important functions are assumed by a professional family lawyer who works by vocation.

Three categories of family disputes under the family code:
● Category No. 1 - spouses who are married, disputes of parents and children, other disputes that fall under the rules of family law.
● Category No. 2 - paying alimony on behalf of the mother or father, deciding whether children live, how parents communicate with the child, establishing paternity, challenging this fact, depriving them of parental rights through going to court.
● Category No. 3 - disputes about the procedure for communicating with a child grandparents and collecting alimony from them, as well as disputes between brothers, grandchildren, stepdaughters and stepchildren, stepmothers, stepfathers and other family members.
What is the help of a family lawyer?

Divorce, if there is an urgent need to protect your interests, divorce without personal presence to save time and effort, as well as a change of surname associated with the divorce.

Additional issues that arise during the divorce: the division of property, the determination of the amount of income and ownership rights for specific property at the time of the dissolution of the marriage. Respect for the interests of the principal with the requirements of the law.

Issues related to determining the child’s place of residence, the procedure for meetings with the second parent, developing a scheme for paying child support for disabled children, restricting the rights of parents or determining their legal property rights, establishing paternity.

A family lawyer also helps draw up a marriage contract before entering into marriage, taking into account the interests of both parties. The competence of the attorney includes control over compliance with the provisions of the marriage contract, which may be deemed invalid in whole or in part if the wording prescribed in the document is partially or completely unfulfilled.

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