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Criminal Law

Our team will provide professional protection to its clients in criminal manufacture of any complexity both on the pre-trial investigation and during the trial (in all instances).Being a victim or an accused, each of the parties has a choice: self-defense; free state protection;
representation of a private criminal lawyer. Regardless of the degree of seriousness of the criminal case,
choosing one of the above methods to defend your case or innocence in court, it is worth remembering
that only professional protection will help you to achieve the desired result during the process. Price of
criminal lawyer services in the “LEXLAB” Law firm will satisfy you. The cost of protection is negotiated individually, because each case requires careful examination, appeal to judicial practice, as well as making serious informed decisions.
Remember: only a timely appeal to a qualified lawyer, an Attorney at Law, will provide timely assistance to you while respecting your legitimate rights and freedoms and will help minimize the risks of unlawful prosecution.

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