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Corporate law

Qualitative legal support for doing business in Ukraine is important both at the stage of establishing a business entity and in the process of carrying out business activities by customers by legal entities and individuals, as well as during the termination (liquidation) of such entity or expansion of business (mergers and acquisitions).

Specialists of the “LEXLAB” Law firm have a deep practical experience and skills in applying corporate law and are ready to provide consulting and practical assistance in these matters at any time.
The beginning of entrepreneurial activity relates to the state registration of a business entity that commences its activities. The most common forms of doing business in Ukraine are legal entities in various organizational and legal forms (LLC, SLC, PE, JSC, NGO etc.) and individuals-entrepreneurs. Important issues at this stage are the qualified preparation of statutory documents and internal documents with well-defined and balanced rules of conduct, the right choice of economic activities of the Classification of Economic Activities (NACE).
In the process of economic activity, it is often necessary to make changes (changes in the composition of shareholders, increase/decrease of authorized capital, changes in types of economic activity, change of location, change of manager, etc.) to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and public formations. Similar issues require the preparation and submission to the state registrar of a package of documents envisaged by the current legislation that reflect the will of the business owners.
Business expansion through mergers and acquisitions (M&A) requires the involvement of skilled professionals who provide a high level of legal services and preparation of all necessary legal documents.
Since all business entities in Ukraine, regardless of ownership, are obliged to pay taxes, an important issue for the development of sustainable business is the need to organize proper tax planning and accounting in order to maximize profits at a minimal cost.
The procedure for termination of an economic entity in our country provides for many issues related to obtaining a package of documents stipulated by the current legislation necessary for the state registration of the termination of an entity management.
By contacting the “LEXLAB” Law firm you will receive an individualized approach and your business will be profitable and successful.

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