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Subscriber service of business is a complex legal support of the activity of the enterprise on all legal issues that arise during the conduct of economic activity.

“LEXLAB” Law firm provides its customers legal outsourcing services that is comprehensive legal support for the current business of business, as well as legal support during the implementation of individual tasks and projects.
During the business of entrepreneurs there is a large number of legal issues that should be taken into account as their business activities are related to the implementation of the law. Timely application for qualified assistance to specialists of “LEXLAB” Law firm will help the business owner to take into account all legal aspects and to prevent the occurrence of negative consequences in the form of losses, fines or other expenses.
The advantage of applying for a business/project support service is that management and business owners can focus on the development of their business and profits, leaving all legal issues to the professionals and, in the future, a team of trusted and professional attorneys who are always ready to protect the rights and interests of their clients. .
Thanks to an individual approach to each client, we can guarantee the implementation of business legal support at a high professional level. Our team also has the experience of full legal support of individual business projects in Ukraine. Each task is a new stage in our experience, thanks to which we have achieved customer recognition and success in the legal services market.
In this section we can offer the following services to our clients:
- Subscriber service of business;
- Opening business in different jurisdictions;
- Legal support of activity of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;
- Ensuring performance of contractual obligations between contractors;
- Consultations on the choice of the taxation system and the procedure for paying taxes;
- Drafting of letters, applications, proposals, protocols, claims, written demands, complaints on issues related to commercial and economic activities;
- Obtaining permission documentation;
- Support during inspections of economic activity;
- Complex support of IT-business and start-up projects;
- Other services related to business/project support.

Details about legal services of business or support of a specific project can be found by contacting “LEXLAB” Law firm.

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