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Administrative offenses

Each of us may face an administrative case or punishment. And the main thing in this situation is to know what to do and who to contact. And if you want your case on an administrative offense to end in the best way for you, then you should contact a professional lawyer who specializes in administrative matters.

Administrative cases are disputes that arise between citizens and other individuals or legal entities (enterprises, organizations) with state and local government bodies, their officials and officials.
An obligatory feature of an administrative case is the emergence of a dispute as a result of the exercise by these bodies of their governmental managerial powers.
An administrative lawyer or a lawyer with the specialization “administrative law” will help you to defend your rights in a dispute with state and local government bodies. The services of a professional lawyer may be needed both in the event of a dispute, in the commission of an offense, and in the consideration of an administrative case in court.
In this case, the consideration of cases in the field of administrative law is carried out by the courts of administrative jurisdiction.
Our team will provide you with a full range of services, which partly consist of:
- representation of interests of the client in government;
- protection of interests of the client in administrative courts of all instances;
- development of an administrative strategy;
- preparation of documents;
- appeal to the higher authorities and courts of administrative jurisdiction of illegal decisions of the authorities;
- protection of the interests of the client in cases of administrative offenses;
- the appeal of decisions of courts in courts of higher instances.

Administrative offenses - a common dispute in this area of law.
Often, the authorities are involved in administrative liability without proper grounds in violation of the law.
The task of the lawyer in administrative cases in this case is to ensure a full and comprehensive clarification of the circumstances of the case, find the reasons and grounds for closing the administrative offense case and relieving the client from liability for the offense or finding reasons for applying the least severe punishment.
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